Harvest up to six times more power indoors

  • Increase your power budget dramatically with Lightricity energy harvesting components.  

Boost your device functionality

  • Increase data rate and transmission range of your wireless sensors and Bluetooth beacons.  

Outstanding low light performance

  • Harvest ambient light down to as little as 10 lux indoors, reducing the need for batteries.  

Compact dimensions, maintenance-free hardware

  • With more energy density, you can eliminate batteries to create compact, maintenance free solutions.  

Combine with power management and rechargeable storage

  • We are working closely with low power management chipset and storage suppliers (rechargeable batteries and supercapacitors) to provide a complete plug-an-play solution for powering IoT devices. 

Integrate easily into your product or sensor

  • Our engineering support assists you with integrating our energy harvesting technology into engineer-friendly products : gas sensors, smart watches, beacons, etc...