News and events

Conference and Tradeshow


Lightricity presents its groundbreaking PV energy harvesting technology at IDTechEx Energy Harvesting and Storage international Conference and Tradeshow in Berlin, 2019.

European H2020 project


Lightricity is proud to be a key technology enabler in the €4m Horizon H2020 AMANDA project. This 3-years project will bring 4 of the 5 senses (sight, hearing, smell and touch) within a single sensing platform that is no larger than a business card. 

Collaboration with external partner


Lightricity and Ilika are jointly developing a fully integrated power supply module comprising Ilika’s thin film battery and Lightricity energy harvesting technologies. The module will withstand temperatures above 100 °C and be ultra-thin.

Lightricity awarded best international Start-up at SIDO 2019


Lightricity is one of the 42 most innovative companies selected this year at SIDO2019 in Lyon, France, to showcase its unique energy harvesting technology and application demonstrators.

International conference


Lightricity's CTO, M. Bellanger, is invited speaker at Sensors Solutions International Conference in Brussels, 2019.

New collaboration



Lightricity has recently announced its partnership with Softserve, a leading digital authority and consulting company.