Energy Harvesting projects


Horizon 2020 AMANDA European Project

Lightricity is a key technology partner in the European H2020 AMANDA project (€4million total budget). AMANDA stands for: Autonomous self powered miniaturized intelligent environmental sensing and asset tracking in smart IoT environments. This challenging 3-years project, lead by CERTH, gathers 8 EU partners (SMEs and research organisations) and aims at combining 4 of the 5 senses (sight, hearing, smell and touch) within a single sensing platform that will be no larger than a business card.


NHIR: Autonomous X-ray detection

Lightricity is jointly developing with the University of Surrey, Cheyney Design and Development, and the Royal Surrey County Hospital, the first self-powered conformal X-ray detector for dosimetry, imaging and radiotherapy applications.


SBRI: Monitoring of workers in nuclear environments

Lightricity, Kymira and NSG have been awarded a phase 1 SBRI contract to develop a unique solution that will better monitor and support nuclear decommissioning operators working in hazardous environments. 


Innovate UK (United Kingdom)

Lightricity has participated in several Innovate UK projects to develop its component technology, integrated power supply sub-systems (in collaboration with Ilika) and autonomous IoT sensing platforms (in collaboration with Gas Sensing Solutions)


SME Instrument (European Commission)

Lightricity has been awarded the SME Instrument EU grant funding to develop the next generation of Photovoltaic Energy Harvesting devices 


OxLEP (Oxfordshire)

Lightricity has been awarded an Innovation Support for Business grant (ISfB) from OxLEP, that aims at supporting business opportunities in Oxfordshire