Product prototype line-up

ExCellLight EXL2-1V50


  • ExCellLight  EXL2-1V50 is 2.4 cm x 1 cm stand-alone module with 1V and 48 μW output at maximum power point (MPP) and under 200 lux (white LED). Use ExCellLight module to provide renewable energy to your IoT device, both indoor and outdoors.  

Download Datasheet

ExCellLight Custom EXLC-X


  • ExCellLight EXLC-X Custom can be fully customised for your application:  shape, size and output configuration (voltage and power).

4EverLast EVL10-4V150


  • 4EverLast EVL10-4V150 is a combination of the ExCellLight module and some customised electronics (e.g low power charge management and rechargeable storage) to offer a plug-and-play, everlasting battery solution for your IoT sensor or device.

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ExCellLight EXL10-4V170


  • ExCellLight EXL10-4V170 is 2 cm x 5 cm stand-alone module with 4V and 170 μW output at maximum power point (MPP) under 200 lux (white LED).

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