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Conference and Tradeshow

Lightricity will present and launch its groundbreaking PV energy harvesting technology at IDTechEx Energy Harvesting and Storage international Conference and Tradeshow in Berlin, May 10-11, 2017.

Come and visit us at Lightricity booth!

50 years of SHARP legacy

Lightricity technology was originally developed from 2012 at Sharp Laboratories of Europe in Oxford.

Lightricity Ltd was founded in 2017 by the main inventors to further develop and commercialise its world-leading energy harvesting technology.

Collaboration with external partner

Lightricity and Ilika are jointly developing a fully integrated power supply module comprising Ilika’s thin film battery and Lightricity energy harvesting technologies. The module will withstand temperatures above 100 °C and will be less than 1 mm thick.   

Self-powered Gas Sensor shown at AHR expo

Prototypes of autonomous wireless gas sensors jointly developed with Gas Sensing Solutions have been shown at AHR Expo in Las Vegas. The sensors can measure CO2, temperature, light and humidity, and are self-powered with Lightricity energy harvesting technology.

Collaboration with external partner

Lightricity and GSS have jointly developped the first truly autonomous CO2, temperature, humidity, light sensing platform. Prototypes are available for end-user evaluation upon request (use contact form).

Collaboration with external parter

Lightricity ultra-efficient PV technology may be combined with E-Peas low power management chipset to transfer power to any IoT devices and sensors.